Hospitality and Institutional Painting Services

It takes a special group of people to work day-to-day alongside residents who require specialized care or to cater to busy travelers with individual needs and itineraries. In addition to remaining focused on the project itself, we are careful to respect and preserve the environment we have been called to work in. From scheduling work around activities, to selecting products and services that have minimal to no impact on the surroundings, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to complete your project to the standard you, your residents, and your guests demand and deserve.

A perception of cleanliness is tantamount to the success of hotels, restaurants, hospitals and more.

Whether your project requires work on ceilings, walls, or floors, we have the skill and expertise to handle your job efficiently, and properly.

It’s no secret that a fresh coat of paint can change the image of your property. A perception of cleanliness is tantamount to the success of hotels, restaurants, hospitals and more. It even improves the morale of your workforce, which improves productivity. We see the results time after time. Whether you want painting done on pool fencing, stairways, rubberized surfaces like picnic tables, or playground equipment, we can help make your business stand out in the positive way. Contact UniPro to learn how we can breathe fresh life into your hotel, restaurant, or other property where people gather to relax.

“Be passionate. You need to pour 110% into your business and not look back.”

Let’s talk about what is in your mind. We can help.

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