Refresh Your Workplace to Revive Your Company

As you look around your workspace, does it seem tired or worn down? Does the overall environment seem stale or mundane? If you notice it, your customers do too. Here’s why refreshing your workplace often is incredibly important.


A Fresh Coat of Paint Goes a Long WayPaintBucket

While a good-quality paint job done by a professional painting crew can last from 7 to 10 years, there are many factors that can negatively affect its longevity. The amount of traffic a room receives and the quality of the paint itself can greatly contribute to the decline in condition and luster of the paint. Giving the walls a fresh coat in rooms that may receive more wear and tear can keep your workplace
feeling fresh and revived. A change of color can also leave your workplace feeling brand new.



The appearance of your work environment parallels your company’s image. Visiting customers won’t hold a positive impression of your business if a stale and dull environment greets them when they walk through the door. Repainting or recovering the walls can have a positive impact on your customers’ visiting experience. Moreover, your workspace appearance can portray certain qualities of your company’s “personality.” Color can yield energy, while cleanliness can portray organization and professionalism.


Employee Morale

Working in the same space day after day can get tiresome. Returning to your desk with the same tired décor can drag the workweek and decrease enthusiasm. Freshening the paint can renew the space, boost productivity, and grant an overall feel-good energy in the workplace.


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