The Paint that Protects

paintshield_carousel3A few weeks ago, Uni Pro Painting was excited to install a brand new product on the job at the Reminderville Rec Center. Paint Shield, by Sherwin Williams, is the first coating of its kind. With exclusive patented technology, this EPA-registered microbicidal paint is able to kill greater than 99.9% of pathogens within 2 hours of exposure on painted surfaces, and continues to kill bacteria for up to 4 years. Originally, Paint Shield was created for non-critical areas of hospitals, such as patient rooms, hallways, waiting areas, office areas, and emergency departments. However, Paint Shield can also be used in other areas where bacteria may reside, such as athletic facilities, schools, day care centers, senior centers, hotels, residential housing, and cruise ships. The active ingredient in Paint Shield—a quaternary ammonium compound, or quat—is well studied, and the paint itself is durable, has great hide, and is available in 550 colors.

Whether we realize it or not, bacteria can survive and thrive on walls. According to recent studies, MRSA, VRE, and Staph can remain on walls for weeks, or even months. If you’re looking to terminate the spread of infection and bacteria in your facility, call Uni Pro Painting today and ask about installing Paint Shield!

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